Heating Services in Calgary

City Works Plumbing & Heating Services provides furnace repair and installation in Calgary and area. Keeping your furnace running and routinely maintained is necessary in a cold city like Calgary. We provide furnace tune up services where we inspect your whole heating system and provide the necessary work that needs to be done to keep your furnace running without any problems. If you are dealing with an older furnace than it may be time for a new furnace installation. Newer furnace models are more efficient than older ones can see an average savings of 20% in your utility bills. Once your furnace hits the 15-20-year mark it may be time to consider purchasing a new one.

Residential Plumbing in Calgary

At City Works Plumbing & Heating Services we provide a variety of plumbing services for our clients. We are always upgrading our industry knowledge to provide the latest in plumbing technology. We use pex for our water distribution line as it is faster and less expensive to install than copper. Part of our plumbing services include replacing old toilets and bidets. Newer models can help save on your water bill as they use less water than older toilets. We have a wide selection of the latest toilet models to choose from. We provide fixture and faucet repair and replacement services and can also replace your old sinks. We have a variety of options to choose from and can repair or replace any fixture, faucet, or sink.

Calgary Drain Cleaning Services

If you are noticing the drains around your home are slower than usual then your main drain line being clogged is likely the issue. We will inspect your drains with an HD camera that can inspect all the drains in your home and the main line connected to the city waste-water lines. We use Hydro Jetting to clean clogged or slow sewage lines. Hydro Jetting is a great option in most cases but if you have older, more brittle pipes the high-water pressure caused from Hydro Jetting could damage them in some areas. Our drain clearing techniques will be able to get your main drain line and branch line operating the way they should be.

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