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We have a great video camera that can inspect all the drains in your home and the main line out to the city waste-water lines. Once we have a picture of where the problem areas are, we can create an efficient way to get the water flowing again. Whether it be a simple plunger job, all the way to replacement of drain lines, we can do it all.

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Hair in the bathroom sink and bathtub drains and food waste in the kitchen sink drains are common problems we encounter when the drains are not flowing. With our equipment, these are usually pretty easy to clean up.

Older homes in Edmonton and Calgary utilized clay sewer pipes which can often last up to 50 years, but they will eventually break. Tree roots, shifting ground, and other factors can result in clay sewer pipes breaking, collapsing, and coming apart at the joints. Now we use PVC pipes as they last much longer and are less susceptible to line breaks and tree root intrusion. They are also easier to clean without creating more damage. If you’re considering purchasing a home that was built in the 1970’s or earlier, call us for a sewer line inspection so you can know what style of piping was used and if the water flow has been compromised. Other types of sewer pipes that have been historically used are bituminized fiber pipe and cast-iron pipe. The cast-iron pipes are very strong and resist root intrusion and ground movement, but cast-iron rusts and eventually weakens the pipe resulting in a collapse of sections of the pipe. The fiber pipe, though cheap and easy to install, has a tendency to be brittle and is subject to collapsing sooner in its life cycle. Utilizing our video camera, we can ascertain what type of drain you have and what type of damage it has suffered.

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With our drain line cameras we can inspect your pipes for any issues. Cameras have become very popular in the plumbing industry as it provides a visual inspection of sewer lines and other underground pipes connected to your home. Our trained technicians will insert a rod into your sewer lines. From there we can inspect your pipes in real-time and check for any potential problems. Having the ability to view the inside of the sewer lines with a camera gives us a better understanding of your plumbing problem. Once we fix the problem, we can do another inspection to make sure the problem is fixed.

Another benefit is we can check for any physical damage to your pipes.

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How We Work

We will listen carefully to you to understand what the problem is, or what new installation you desire. We will provide you an estimate for the work. Upon your approval, we will proceed with the work to the highest quality industry standards. Once you sign-off for the work, we will invoice you for the amount provided in the estimate.

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