Heating Services in Edmonton

City Works Plumbing & Heating Services provides furnace repair and installation in Edmonton and area. Having a working furnace in a winter city like Edmonton is extremely important. We will be able to fix your furnace and restore heat back into your home. It is also important to keep your furnace clean and to have it checked once a year. We will provide a furnace tune up where we inspect your entire heating system and clean the entire furnace to make sure it is operating at peak performance. Repairing your furnace may not always be the best option and it may be time to consider getting a newer furnace. It is recommended that once your furnace hits the 15-20-year mark to install a new furnace. Having a new high efficiency furnace installed can save you 20% on your utility bills when replacing an old mid efficiency furnace.

Residential Plumbing in Edmonton

At City Works Plumbing & Heating Services we provide a variety of plumbing services for our clients. We can install water distribution lines in new construction projects or add to existing systems including replacing old lines. If you are in need of replacing your old toilets or bidets, we provide a wide selection to choose from. Installing a new toilet could help save on your water bill as newer models use less water per flush. Along with replacing old toilets we can repair or install new fixtures and faucets in your home along with kitchen and basin sinks. Like our toilets and bidets, we provide a wide range of options to choose from to replace your old faucets. When it comes to installing new sinks, we can install them on any type of countertop. We are also experts in any sink repair or replacement you need and are ready to perform any task.

Edmonton Drain Cleaning Services

If the drains in your home seem slower than usual than your main drain line may be clogged. Our service is fast and efficient when you need clogs removed from your drain. Along with our main drain line services we also provide branch line services to help remove clogs from sinks, toilets, showers, or bathtubs. We use Hydro Jetting to clean the clogged lines in your home. Hydro Jetting uses high pressure streams of water to help clear clogged pipes. When inspecting your drains, we use HD cameras to inspect all the drains in your home all the way up to the city water-water lines.

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