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When the winter months hit and it is time to turn on your furnace it is a good idea to get it tuned-up. It is ideal to make sure your furnace is checked by a qualified technition and it is wise to get your furnace tuned up once a year. We will inspect your whole heating system and make recommendations for work that has to be done. We will clean and lubricate your furnace as required. If it is the older style with pulleys and belts, we will replace and properly tension the belts if required. Your tune-up can include duct cleaning if you wish (always a wise thing to do). It is always good to catch problems early with your furnace. Turning your furnace on as the weather gets cold is not the time you want to learn there are issues with your heating system. Even if you don’t plan on using your furnace right away it pays to get it checked early so you don’t run into problems when you need it.

Setting up scheduled furnace tune ups once a year will make sure your furnace is running at full capacity. It is important to make sure your furnace is working before the cold winter months hit. You do not want to be left with an under performing or broken furnace in the winter months. By ensuring your furnace is routinely checked can help spot any issues before they arise and help with the longevity of your furnace. Since furnace use fuel to heat your home it is important to look for any leaks that could harm your family. Even if your furnace seems to be working fine it is always a good idea to schedule a routine tune up.

Keep Your Home Safe

Indoor air can be significantly more polluted than the air outdoors, largely due to dirty heating systems. If you don’t get your air filters changed regularly, your furnace could end up collecting dangerous amounts of pollutants and cycling them through your home at concentrated levels, putting your family’s health at risk. A poorly functioning system can be dangerous and create conditions that could lead to a fire. Improperly burned heating fuel can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide in your home and by having a yearly tune-up we can catch any issues before they become dangerous.

We are the Perfect Solution

A properly maintained heating system can lessen the chance of system failures in the winter and keep your family safe when it is time to use them.

A properly tuned heating system runs quieter, is more efficient and is less prone to failure.

How We Work

We will listen carefully to you to understand what the problem is, or what new installation you desire. We will provide you an estimate for the work. Upon your approval, we will proceed with the work to the highest quality industry standards. Once you sign-off for the work, we will invoice you for the amount provided in the estimate.

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