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Spring Heating & Plumbing Services

Sump Pumps

City Works provides sump pump services including the installation of new sump pumps and repair and replacement of your sump pumps. Most people don’t think about having their sump pump maintained before it’s to late and their basement begins to flood after a heavy rainstorm. Sump pumps need to be tested and inspected regularly. Routine maintenance is important and at City Works we can make sure your sump pump is operating at peak performance. Prevent any unnecessary water damage and avoid any flooding issues with regular maintenance.

Sump Pump Replacement

If it’s time for a new sump pump our plumbing experts will come and assess the situation and provide you with the best solution. We can professionally install a new sump pump to ensure it is operating efficiently and the way it should. If you are dealing with water damage from a broken sump pump, we can provide repairs that a broken sump pump has caused.

Your sump pump is what prevents your basement from flooding and water damage. Your sump pump should activate during high water levels and work to redirect incoming water. If your sump pump isn’t working the way it should you should waste no time and address the situation immediately to avoid water damage and flooding. These are the signs you should look out for:

Hose Bibbs Maintenance

If you need replacing the hose bib outside your home City Works can help. Hose bibbs are attached to the side of homes and help with the distribution of water to the backyard, front lawn, and driveway. There are cases where flooded basements are caused by not maintaining the hose bib after winter. It is important to make sure to drain the hose bib before the start of the winter and do not have any hoses attached as this may lead to crack or leaks in your pipes. If you leave any water and it turns into ice it will expand and can cause the hose bib to burst due to ice build-up. This could lead to a flooded basement in the spring months and unnecessary repairs due to water damage.

Leak and Flooding Repair

Due to the cold weather, we deal with in Alberta it is common to have frozen pipes that burst leading to water damage. City Works can deal with the problem in a quick and efficient manner and repair the damaged pipes. Burst pipes are mostly caused by age, corrosion, freezing or damage when water in the pipe turns into ice.


When your pipes begin to leak you may nor realize it right away. There are signs that you are dealing with a leaky pipe including:

Not repairing leaky pipes can lead to unnecessary costs because of water damage to your floors, walls, and ceilings. It is important to hire a company like City Works to come and repair any leaks right away. If you live in an older home that uses steel water pipes you could be dealing with leaks as these pipes have a lifespan around 40 years and tend to corrode at the joints leading to leaks. City Works can replace your old metal pipes with new copper pipes.

How We Work

We will listen carefully to you to understand what the problem is, or what new installation you desire. We will provide you an estimate for the work. Upon your approval, we will proceed with the work to the highest quality industry standards. Once you sign-off for the work, we will invoice you for the amount provided in the estimate.

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